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Main activities:

-  Climate change education

-  Projects: sustainable tourism, STEAM, food waste

-  Consultancy

-  Research 

-  Citizens activism

- Raising awareness events such as movie screenings, photo exhibitions and discussions;

-  Youth – trainings, youth exchanges, youth empowerment, active citizenship.


ManEco Foundation is established upon the Ecological Manifesto where we state that people should re-think their global situation on Earth and prepare for new ways of living which are more generous, environmentally friendly, sustainable, noble and peaceful.

Ecological Manifesto:

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The Ecological Manifesto is a statement through which we express our wish to live in a better world not for us but for the future generations. It is a symbol of unification among the most active leaders and a bridge to the experienced ones. It connects ages and places. The Ecological Manifesto is a realization that humanity cannot continue living as usual and immediately must take action to protect its natural resources and change the consumer habits of society. Peaceful living conditions are not enough anymore for our sustainable future. Even if we live peacefully we will be in war with the natural forces and people who don’t want to accept that there is real danger for the whole humanity. We don't want to see the efforts of the ones who had dedicated their lives working in this direction going in vain. We want a world where there is no poverty, but education for everyone, good living standards and healthy environment. We trust science and urge everyone to join us in avoiding the upcoming ecological catastrophe. Everyone can contribute!

We strongly believe that humanity can change and deal with climate change. But if we want that to happen we should work in all possible ways to keep the global temperatures well below 1.5 degrees Celsius. The ideological framework of the Ecological Manifesto is much in line with the concept of the Deep Ecology Movement of Arne Naess. We appreciate technology and its potential but we prefer to change the morals of the people so that technology can be managed properly and used only to ease our lives and solve problems.


The organization is part of few international and global networks such as the YOUNGO, the Earth Charter, EOTO World, Global Thinkers Forum, Citizens Climate Lobby, the World Future Society and the U.S. Government International Exchange Alumni Community. The field of interest under which ManEco will work in the future falls under the UN Sustainable Development Goals 3. Good Health and Well-Being, 12. Responsible Consumption and Production, 13. Climate Action, 14. Life Below Water, 15. Life on Land, 16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.


Our agenda - ManEco Foundation stands for:

- Replacement of the GDP with a concept of well being as a measurement of progress;

- Global Compulsory Environmental Education for all levels of the educational systems (which includes teaching critical and creative thinking, sustainability, innovations);

- Humanitarian studies that accompany scientific data and explain climate skepticism, climate denial and disbelief;

- Easy to understand scientific information which is well communicated to the wider public;

- Compulsory involvement of scientists in country's work on NDCs;

- Minimum quotas of youth involvement into every political party and institution.

- Participatory democracy and transparent institutions.

Radical demands:

-  Adopting the principle "polluter pays".

- Significant decrease of the bank credit taxes or part of the taxes to go for funding of "green" activities.

- Taxes on incomes from coal burning that goes for planning how coal mining regions to be transformed socially and economically or redistributed for helping the poor.

- Stopping all sport events such as Nascar and 24 Hours of Le Mans or replacing them with elevtric vehicles.

We recognize that environmental threats influence everyone on the planet. In this regard we want to underline that the name ManEco doesn't promote the role of man in the fight with climate change. On the contrary, it stands for all active people in the field from which women play important role that we strongly encourage.

ManEco Foundation is a non-profit organizaton. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Bank details:

IBAN: BG73STSA93000027324161


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